Never trust a tiger

Something lurks amongst the foliage….is it friendly? Or is it hungry?

Bears on the brain

It’s almost the end of the year , time to be thankful for the people who were there for me. Especially during grumpy bear mode. Which happens much more than you’d think. If you’d like to meet this bear ( and he is one of the friendly ones ) come down to Salon91 , 91 Kloof st , Cape Town on Friday 6th or any day after that.

It’s getting colder


The leaves are starting to fall. This worries me. I wish I could hibernate like a sensible creature, unfortunately I’m expected to be a well-adjusted member of society and not a bear or a dormouse. sigh.



Happy little tourists wandering the streets of Venice, until it rains…then they have to pull out the emergency ponchos from their fanny-packs and pay exorbitant amounts for a dodgy brolly that crumbles at the first sniff of a breeze. It’s best just to watch them from a high window.

The sunbathers


It is hot hot hot in Cape Town today. My brain has been addled by so much sunshine, time to give in to procrastination and join the beach towel brigade!

Carried Away


It looks confused. An expression I regularly wear.